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Notice of Faculty Post verification 2076 (2020)

Before filling the online form, please read the instructions carefully.



Eligibility for the candidates:

  • Professor – minimum 5 years teaching experience in the post of Associate professor.
  • Associate Professor – minimum 5 years teaching experience in the post of lecturer.
  • Lecturer – Candidates can apply after completion of Masters Degree in relevant subject.
    • Age of the applicants: for clinical faculties 70 years and below, for basic science faculties 73 years and below


Make payment for post verification as follows:

  • Bank’s Name: Himalayan Bank Limited
  • Account number : 00200-5555-70057
  • Voucher in the name of : IOM Dean’s Office
  • Voucher ‘deposited by’ field should contain the applicants name.
  • Amount:

Professor -                    NRS. 5000.00 (Five Thousand)
Associate Professor -    NRS. 3000.00(Three Thousand)
Lecturer -                      NRS. 2000.00 (Two Thousand)

  • Deposit date: 23 Falgun, 2076 to 7 Chaitra, 2076 (6th March, 2020 to 20th March, 2020) till 5:00 PM
  • Application submission date – 23 Falgun, 2076 to 7 Chaitra, 2076 (6th March, 2020 to 20th March, 2020) till 11:59 PM (Please note that there is no provision for late fee application)
  • The amount paid is not refundable.


To access the online application form:

  • Visit
  • Register your email and password. After registration, a copy of your username and password will be sent to your email automatically.


Login to continue application process:

  • Fill in all the fields correctly otherwise your form will be rejected. Type ‘N/A‘ if the field is not applicable for you.
  • You have to enter your voucher number (make sure that the voucher number is legible to help you to enter the correct number).
  • Upload recent passport size digital photo with resolution of minimum 100×120 pixel to maximum 300×350 pixel (width by height). Uploaded photograph should be properly oriented and the face should occupy more than 70%. The document size should be less than 1MB (best will be 1024×768 resolution)
  • Make sure that all information provided is true & correct before pressing the submission button. Do not press the ‘BACK’ or ‘REFRESH’ buttons on the browser for editing your information. There is no provisions for correction of the information after online submission.


In case you made a mistake during submission of application, you must fill in the form as described above with a new voucher which is again not refundable.


Application other than online submissions will not be entertained.


Only eligible candidates will be called for the interview by IOM Dean’s Office.


For interview bring printed online application form (hard copy) which has been signed by the applicant, and the Principal/Campus Chief along with the Institutions/College stamp.


Please check your “Mail” and “Online Faculty Application” for any updates regarding Faculty Post Verification. Also check “Junk” folder of your mail box for IOM’s mail.


For any queries regarding post verification e-mail us at:


Documents required for Application online:The Original Documents should be uploaded.

(Notary Public verified copies of Original Documents are needed for the Interview)

Lecturer / Associate Professor / Professor

  1. All Academic degrees &Board CertificatesofSLC or equivalent level & above.
  2. TU Equivalence Certificate for Nepalese candidates, who studied in other Institutions.
  3. Approval letter signed by Principal or Authorized Person.
  4. All appointment and experience letters.
  5. Certificate of Council Registration – Nepal as well as Concerned Country, if applicable.
  6. Curriculum Vitae can be uploaded in the same field as for certificates.
  7. Citizenship Certificate for Nepalese and Passport/Aadhar Card/Voter ID for Foreigner.
  8. Original Bank Voucher.


Additional documents required for Associate Professor/Professor

  1. Post Verification letter at Lecturer level/Associate Professor level whenever applicable.
  2. Original research articles published in Peer Reviewed Journal.
  • For Professor: 2 articles as Principal Author and 2 articles as Principal/Co-Author
  • For Associate Professor: 1 article as Principal Author and 1 article as Principal/Co-Author.
  • Case study, review articles and thesis published as articles are not acceptable.
  • Articles published during study period is also not valid.
  • Published articles should be relevant to the subject of specialty.  Medical education related articles may be considered. Articles must meet the basic norms of research methodology. In one journal issue, only one primary author and one co-author article will be acceptable.
  • Hard Copy of the journal in which article has been published. (for publication in foreign journal, a PDF file of the journal can be considered.)
  1. Teaching Experience Certificates.
  • Appointment as Lecturer in KU, NAMS, BPKIHS & PAHS is equivalent to Assistant Lecturer/Teaching Assistant of TU [Nepal Medical Council Accreditation Standards for the MBBS program 2017, Regulation for Postgraduate Medical Education (MD/MS programmes) 2017].
  • Appointment as Assistant Professor in KU, NAMS, BPKIHS & PAHS is equivalent to Lecturer of TU [Nepal Medical Council Accreditation Standards for the MBBS program 2017, Regulation for Postgraduate Medical Education (MD/MS programmes) 2017].
  • For DM/MCh/PhD – 2 years will be counted for experience. But this facility can be taken only once in the post verification.

Candidates will be called for interview only when they have correctly& completely filled in the application form and uploaded all the required documents.


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>> Notice of Faculty Post verification 2076  (2020)

Online Application Form for Faculty Position.