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Maharajgunj Medical Campus


Prof. Dr. Pratap Narayan Prasad
Campus Chief

Maharajgunj Medical Campus (MMC) at Maharajgunj, Kathmandu is one of the nine campuses of the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Since its upgradation to the status of a campus of IOM from the Auxiliary Health Worker’s School in 1972, MMC has, during the span of just over two decades, played a significant role in conducting academic programmes for the development of different categories of Human Resources for Health (HRH) in Nepal. Of the twenty-nine academic programmes that the IOM runs to date, twenty-five consisting of eighteen postgraduate and four undergraduate programmes (about ninty percent of the educational activities of the IOM) are being conducted at MMC. In its endeavour to create competent and diverse Human Resources for Health. HRH, ranging from a Primary health Care worker to a Medical Specialist for rendering primary to tertiary health care in the country. MMC has indeed taken a long stride in the field of medical education in Nepal.

The establishment of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) in 1983 near to MMC premise, made the fact very clear imparting medical education does require a teaching hospital for facilitating teaching-learning activities effectively. With the establishment of TUTH, MMC acquired the full status of the First Medical School in Nepal. Since then, MMC not only became responsible for imparting medical education but also started to provide tertiary health care to all those coming to THTH. The faculty of medicine here played a dual role- that of a medical teacher and a medical specialist.


Institutional Objectives:

In its endeavour to fulfilling country’s need of Human Resources for Health an research undertakings, MC in association with TUTH and accordance with the HMG New Education Act 1993 (2050), has the following overall institutional objectives:

* To undertake undergraduate and postgraduate medical education to create generalist and specialist medical professionals.
* To train human resources for health in allied health sciences.
* To deliver preventive, curative, promotional and rehabilitiative health care.
* To conduct educational and biomedico-social research.
* To implement continuing education for Human Resources for Health.
* To establish academic linkage with international medical schools/colleges/universities.



It has been felt that Maharajgunj Campus (MC) of the IOM, after having served the nation for over two decades, must concentrate on tertiary education under the academic guidelines set by the HMG and promulgated by the Ministry of Education in 1993. As a result, MC has stopped many of its programmes and acquired newer sets of roles and responsibilities brought about by the changes in the global prespective in general and societal needs in Nepal in particular. If this twentieth century needs to pass on legacy to its future, changes in role and responsibilities of MC become inevitable and calls for thinking globally while acting locally in order to herald medical education that will be appropriate for the twenty-first century.

Certificate programmes being conducted at MC are after 12 years of formal education and are in the hospotal-related areas of Health Laboratory, Pharmacy and Radiography. A bachelor course in Optometry was started in 1997.

MC now runs the MBBS programme as its main academic programme; it will gradually undertake other specific undergraduate and postgraduate programmes from its departmental level.

Looking ahead towrads the future, MC aims to achieve self-reliance in the production of medical and allied health science graduates and postgraduates in different specialities of medical seiences to fulfill the demand of Human Resources for Health in the country.


Name Head of the Department  Phone
Dr. Basista Prasad Rijal Microbiology 9841332362
Dr. Gita Gurung Obs/Gynaecology 9851046818
Dr.  Krishna Kumar Oli Neurology 9841321080
Dr. Laxman Prasad Shrestha Paediatrics 9851036550
Dr. Saroj Ojha Psychiatry 9851038299
Prof. Bharat Jha Biochemistry 9851083491
Dr. Basanta Kumar Shrestha Dental 9851086523
Dr. Pramod Kumar Shrestha Forensic Medicine 9851045342
Dr. Sangha Ratna Bajracharya Clinical Pharmacology 9851007969
Dr. Madhu Dixit Devkota Community Medicine & Family Health 9851108772
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Guragain ENT 9851120071
Dr. Ananda Kumar Sharma Ophthalmology 9851078622
Dr. Nirju Ranjit Anatomy 9841367644
Dr. Gita Sayami Pathology 9851032185
Dr. Ram Kumar Ghimire Radiology 9851033736
Dr. Moda Nath Marhatta Anaesthesiology 9851055537
Dr. Dwarika Prasad Shrestha Dermatology 9841218380
Dr.  Baikuntha Raj Bhandari Pharmacy 9851089382
Dr. Dibya Singh Nephrology 9841556439
Dr. Vidya Dev Sharma Exam 9851038303
Dr. Prem Krishna Khadga Gastrology 9841255740
Dr. Binaya Shamsher J.B.R. Physiology 9841211698
Dr. Pratap N. Prasad Emergency & General Practice 9841245091
Dr. Pradip Krishna Shrestha General Medicine 9841172651
Dr. Arun Sayami Cardiology 9851034454
Dr. Yogendra Prasad Singh General Surgery 9851053644
Dr. Bhagawan Koirala Cardio Thoresic Vacular Surgery 9851111055
Dr. Binaya Lal Shrestha Orthopaedics 9849468147
Dr. Karbir Nath Yogi Pulmunology & Critical Care 9851052127