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Nursing Campus, Maharajgunj

Mrs. Nira Pandey
Campus Chief 

Nursing Campus Maharajgunj is a pioneer Nursing  Campus in Nepal. It was Initiated in 1956 A.D. with 15 students as a school of nursing under the Directorate of Health Services,  Ministry of Health.

In 1972 with the introduction of New Education System plan this nursing school came  under Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine (IOM). The school was then named as Mahaboudha Nursing Campus until 1986 AD when it was moved to Maharajgunj.

Nursing Campus Maharajgunj  (present location) and renamed finally as Nursing Campus Maharajgunj. During its 57 years of existence Nursing Campus Maharajgunj has made considerable progress. It has increased its academic programmes  from that of Proficiency Certificate level (PCL)  to Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Nursing, Generic Bachelor of Science (Nursing) and Ph.D. Nursing Program.


  • Our vision is to become international recognized nursing institute and to play pioneering role in nursing education and management and research.


  • This institute produces skilled, qualified proficient nursing professionals, significantly contribute to National health care System.
  • This institute is to teach, conduct research and serve the community.
  • This institute delivers of high quality accessible culturally competent care with in a highly technological and global environment.
  • This institute promotes, expands and validates scientific knowledge and evidence based practice through research.


  • To develop different level of qualified proficient skillful, task oriented nursing personnel (PCL, Bachelor, Master, Doctorial) according to country and global need.
  • To render preventive , promotive and curative services to the people through the students’ clinical/field practice.
  • To prepare qualified Nursing leader, educator and manager in basic and advanced professional nursing practice in a rapidly changing, Multicultural, Multiethnic, Global environment.
  • To promote, expand and validate the scientific base of nursing knowledge and practice through the discovery, organizational Transmission of research-based knowledge, skill and values.



1. Proficiency Certificate Nursing Programme

 Objective: The objective of the PCL nursing program is to prepare competent and self-reliant basic level nurses to care for individuals, groups and communities using the principles of primary health care.

Course Duration: 3 years.

Courses Offered:

First year:

  1. Integrated Sciences related to Health
  2. Fundamentals of Nursing  Theory and Practical (T & P)
  3. Community Health Nursing I (T & P)
  4. English
  5. Nepali

Second Year:

  1. Community Health Nursing II (T & P)
  2. Behavioral Science
  3. Nursing Care of Adult  I & II  (T & P)
  4. Nursing Care of Children (T & P)
  5. Nepal Parichaya

Third Year:

  1. Midwifery & Gynae. Nsg 1  (T & P)
  2. Midwifery & Gynae. Nsg 11  (T & P)
  3. Midwifery & Gynae. Nsg 111  (T & P)
  4. Leadership & Management (T & P)

Admission Requirements
The candidate must have passed SLC examination (10 years of schooling) with at least 50% marks in aggregate with major subject as English, Science & Compulsory Mathematics & qualify the entrance examination conducted by the Institute of Medicine.


2. Bachelor of Nursing Program

 Post Basic Bachelor Programme

Objective:  The objective of the bachelor of nursing program is to produce middle level nursing personnel who are capable of making independent judgment in matters related to nursing; functioning in leadership positions in the provision of health care in the hospital & community; teaching in nursing & other health related institute & conducting research studies in the areas  of nursing.

Course Duration: 3 years (2013) (until 2012, the duration was 2 years)

Courses Offered

First Year:

  1. Integrated Basic health Sciences I (Th)
  2. Integrated Basic health Sciences II (Th)
  3. Integrated Basic health Sciences (Pr)
  4. Nursing Concepts and Principles (Th)
  5. Adult health Nursing I (Th)
  6. Adult health Nursing I (Pr)
  7. Child health Nursing I (Th)
  8. Child health Nursing I ((Pr)
  9. Geriatric Nursing (Th)
  10. Geriatric Nursing (Pr)
  11. Comprehensive English
  12. 12.  Computer Application

Second Year:

  1. Social Science Applied  to Nursing (Th)
  2. Community Health Nursing I (Th)
  3. Community Health Nursing I (Pr)
  4. Midwifery I (Th)
  5. Midwifery I (Pr)
  6. Psychiatric Nursing I (Th)
  7. Psychiatric Nursing I  (Pr)
  8. Teaching and  Learning (Th)
  9. Teaching and  Learning (Pr)
  10. Health Economics & Nursing (Th)

Third Year:

  1. Leadership and Management (Th)
  2. Management (Pr)
  3. Research Applied to Nursing (Th)
  4. Research (Pr)
  5. Major Subjects (Elective)
    • Adult Health Nursing II (Th)
    • Child health Nursing II (Th)
    • Community Health Nursing II (Th)
    • Psychiatric Nursing II (Th)
    • Midwifery Nursing II (Th)
  6.  Major Subjects (Elective)
    • Adult Health Nursing II (Pr)
    •  Child Health Nursing II (Pr)
    • Community Health Nursing II (Pr)
    • Psychiatric Nursing II (Pr)
    • Midwifery Nursing II (Pr)

Admission Requirements
Candidates must have passed PCL Nursing from recognized institutes by securing minimum of 50% marks, must have at least 2 years of nursing experience after completion of PCL nursing program and must pass the entrance examination conducted by IOM.


3. Generic B.Sc. Nursing Program

Objective: The objective of the Generic B. Sc. Nursing program is to prepare academically sound graduate nurses who will be competent to carry out the role of care provider, manager, teacher and researcher in nursing areas.

Course Duration: 4 years.

Admission Requirements
The candidate must have passed I. Sc. or equivalent program securing at least 50% marks in aggregate with major subject as physics, chemistry and biology & must pass the entrance examination conducted by the Institute of Medicine.


4. Master of Nursing Program

Master of Nursing (MN) Program in 3 specialty areas: Women Health & Development; Adult Nursing; & Child Health Nursing

Objective: The objective of the MN program is to produce nurses who are capable of working at higher managerial level positions, be it in the service or education and conducting research studies in the various areas of nursing.

Course Duration: 2 years.

Courses offered:

First Year
Core Courses

  1. Nursing Theories & Models.
  2. Epidemiology  & Statistics.
  3. Nursing Research.
  4. Trends & Issues in Nursing
  5. Advanced Nursing I (Theory) – Specialty
    • Women Health & Development
    • Adult Nursing
    • Child health Nursing
  6. Advances Nursing I (Practical) –Specialty
    • Women Health & Development
    • Adult Nursing
    • Child Health Nursing
  7. Educational Science
  8. Health Services Management.

Second Year

Specialty Courses

  1. Advanced Nursing II–( Theory) – Specialty
  2. Advanced Nursing II– (Practical) – Specialty
  3. Advanced Nursing II– Pediatric Nursing (T & P)
  4. Thesis Writing & Viva Voce

Admission Requirements

  • Post-basic BN or Generic B. Sc Nursing
  • At least 2 years of nursing experience following BN/B Sc Nursing
  • Must qualify the entrance examination conducted by IOM

5. Ph.D Nursing Program

Admission Requirements
The candidate must have passed degree level at least in second division or equivalent, and  for detail information Candidate should consult the website


Programmes at Nursing Campus Maharajgunj

  S.No. Programmes Year of Initiation Duration Current Intake 
1 Proficiency Certificate Level Nursing 1956 3 year 61
2 Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing 1976 2 year 49
3 B.Sc. Nursing 2005 4 year 30
4. Master of Nursing 1995 2 year 21
5. Ph.D Nursing 2012-2013 3 year 2+2


Scholarship available

S. No Name of Scholarship Level  Donor’s  Name
1 Maiya Shah PCL Maiya Shah
2 Pu.Ka.Ja. Bahadur Shamser Ja.Ba.Ra. Smiti PCL Dhana Bhandari
3 Kamal Chitra Durga Sharma B.Sc. Durga Sharma
4 Purna & Baijnatha Sharma PCL Purna Kala Sharma
5 Prof. Dr. Laxmi Thakur gold Medal for MN Pediatric Nursing  securing 1st position MN Pediatric Nursing Prof. Dr. Laxmi Thakur (Shrestha)


Facilities available

Clinical Facilities for Students

  1. 600 bedded Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital.
  2. Manmohan Cardiothoracic Centre
  3. Eye-  B.P. Koirala Lions Centre for Ophthalmic Studies Centre.
  4. ENT – Ganesh Man Singh Memorial Academy

Other specialized Hospital

  1. Kanti Children Hospital, Maharajgunj
  2. Gangalal Heart Center, Bansbari
  3. Bharatpur Cancer Hospital, Chitwan
  4. Paropakar Maternity & Women’s Hospital , Thapathali


Library facilities

  • KOHA  open source integrated soft ware (web base) is used in the  library book data base, thesis database and document data base has been created. These data could be accessed in the web address is:
  • Barcode system is used for circulation work.
  • There is separate Computer Lab with internet facilities (free WIFI to user)
  • WIFI is available in Library as well as campus compound from the IT Department of IoM.
  • All the printed reading materials are in open access system.
  • Bibliography of Research Reports/theses
  • Photocopy/printing  services on payment basis.
  • Information about medline/PubMed HINARI, NEPjol, ASIAjol etc. search through internet.
  • Audio-visual facilities for teaching/learning activities.


Classification System:

  •  National Library of Medicine Classification Scheme. 9th ed.
  • Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.- 22nd  ed.


Subject Heading Lists or Thesaurus used

  • Medical Subject Heading(MESH)
  • Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature (CINAHL)
  • Sears lists of Subject Headings


Library collection

Books 18622
E-books (HINARI) 24900
WHO & other documents 2854
Thesis & research reports 1109
Flip Charts 328
Slides & cassettes 525



  • Journal of IoM
  • Nepal Medical College journal
  • Economic Journal of Nepal
  • Journal of NHRC
  • Journal of Nursing Education of Nepal
HINARI  (full texts accessed) 12700
Bound Volumes 500
Loose Issues back issues 1100

Hostel Facility
Nursing Campus has hostel of its own with double-bedded room for student accommodation.



Tel.: 977-1-4720423
Fax: 977-1-4720178