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T.U. Teaching Hospital

Executive Director

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According to the objectives of IOM, to facilitate the education, research and health care, T. U. Teaching Hospital was established in 1983 with the generous support of Japanese Government. It was graciously inaugurated by His Majesty King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev in February, 1986. T. U. Teaching Hospital is an integral part of the Institute of Medicine of Trbhuvan University. It performs two distinct functions. As a teaching hospital, it provides practical field for the academic training programs (basic, graduate and postgraduate) of the Institute and, as a national hospital, renders medical care and services to those who need them. Besides, it conducts medical research projects and provids a major impetus to Biomedical and Health Sciences Research in Nepal. The establishment of the Teaching Hospital was a landmark in the evolution of medical education in Nepal.

It has the largest number of medical specialties in any hospital in Nepal with 22 departments. The service provided are from basic medical and surgical problems to open heart surgery and kidney transplant.

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Role of TUTH

Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital has been established to fulfill the following roles:

* To provide a teaching base for the Institute of Medicine for all types of academic programs.

* To provide tertiary level of health services to the patients in Nepal and be a lead national hospital in this area.

* To act as the main center to conduct health researches in Nepal and resolve problems in this area in Nepal.


TUTH will provide the best care to every patient through integrated clinical services, education and research.

Services will be provided by a team of compassionate multi-disciplinary, highly trained doctors, nurses, technician and others.

It will provide best quality services to the seekers at an affordable cost within Nepal and serve appropriately to patients who cannot afford it.

Around 400,000 persons were provided medical services in last fiscal year. Any person desirous of utilizing the services of this hospital can just walk in and receive services either through OPD or Emergency. The diagnostic and therapeutic services are available through a number of clinical departments.


The total number of patients who received health services in last fiscal year is as follows:

Out Patients – 355677

Patient admitted – 22054

Discharge – 21565

Bed Occupancy rate – 86.66%

Death rate – 2.24%

Average length of stay/day – 7.24 days

Patient operated – 12448

Emergency – 40472

Extended Hospital Service – 75420



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