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B.P. Koirala Lions Centre for Ophthalmic Studies

Prof. Ananda Sharma
Executive Director

B.P. Koirala Lions Centre for Ophthalmic Studies has been established under the umbrella of Institute of Medicine with the mission of to improve the eye health status of people of Nepal by providing comprehensive eye care through training of component, compassionate, caring and socially responsible ophthalmic workforce sensitive to the needs of both individuals as well as of large population groups living in urban and rural areas by collaborating with all stakeholders. With service as the supreme priority, the centre has yet another equally important purpose of producing highly skilled ophthalmic human resource determined to fight against blindness. The struggle of the centre to minimize blindness does not remain confined to the national territory only as the centre trains ophthalmic manpower for many other developing countries as well.

The postgraduation education in ophthalmology at the centre aims to produce specialized medical professionals for nations which are struggling to come to terms providing eye care services to their people. Apart from developing models for prevention of blindness from ocular trauma at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, the centre also aims to serve as a resource centre for collection and dissemination of information and knowledge through library, museum, instrumentation and documentation facilities.


The OPD attendance for the fiscal year 2065-2066 was 74,210. The centre provides various speciality services from special clinics in its out patient department. The data of patient care provided are as follows.


General OPD: 74,210

Special Clinic:

Retina Clinic: 483

Uveitis Clinic 119

Cornea Clinic 20

Oculoplastic 120

Paediatric Clinic 15655

Glaucoma Clinic 284

External Ocular 322


Apart from those the centre provided its services through extended hospital service by its private clinic community ophthalmology service for needy people of rural community.


Private Clinic 6853

Operation 2523

Community Service 12722

Community Operation 635