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Bachelor of Public Health

BPH is a three-year course, which proposes a professional public health specialist. He/she bears a responsibility of providing leadership to the community and to the middle a grassroot level health workers. This will help to deliver health care services to the people as designed by Government.

Course Objectives:
- To provide advance knowledge and practical skills in primary health Care to those who have qualified the certificate level programs in medicine, nursing, health sciences & also to other related professionals.
- To develop skills in measurement, design, analysis and evaluation for appliced public health sciences research and programme management.

Course of Study:
In the first year students study seven papers carrying a total of 700 marks.
In the second year also students study seven papers carrying a total of 700 marks.
In the third year also students study seven papers carrying a total of 700 marks.
There will be concurrent and residential fieldwork from first yea to third year. In second and third year, there will be one-month residential field work. Besides that, they perform a personal research work in third year.

Preamble of memory. The preamble to the brief, which briefly describes the purpose of the dissertation and the context of the training, is relatively short. However, it must contain enough helpful resources to allow the reader to know the purpose of the memory. It must be developed in such a way as to arouse the interest of the reader for the continuation of the work. In order to know how to make a preamble of memory, one must refer to the guide of memory. In general, the preamble provides an overview of the orientation of the dissertation, through the formulation of the guiding ideas, the problematic and the announcement of the memory plan. This part introduces the body of the text. The development of the memory plan, which is the second step in the writing of memory, allows concretizing the structuring of its ideas to complete the writing of the dissertation. To create a plan of memory consists of taking again the problematic and the series of questioning which follows. And even if at the beginning it is only the master plan which will be the constitutive parts of the memory, it is possible to refine it as research work progresses.

At the end of each academic year, examination will be held which requires all the students to pass in all the subjects.

Eligibility Criteria:
This course admits candidates with proficiency certificate in general medicine, or any other certificate-level course of the Institute of Medicine, with at least 50% in aggregate in certificate final examination.
An entrance examination is held to select candidates on the basis of merit.

Coordinator: Mr. Keerti Nath Dhakal, MPH, Lecturer, Community Medicine and Family Health.