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Department of Anaesthesiology

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Dr Anil Shrestha, MD

Associate Professor and Head

Department of Anaesthesiology


The department of anaesthesiology, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH), Institute of Medicine (IOM) was established in 24th February, 1985 (13th Falgun, 2041). The department is fully committed for the anaesthesia services, teaching and training of students of undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral level to produce human resources for the country. The department has been equally contributing to the developments of TUTH and IOM.


The responsibilities of the department are widening to the other important aspects of medical services like critical care, acute and chronic pain management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and management of emergency surgical procedures. Recently outreach service has been provided by the critical care team, where critical care opinions are provided in different wards, including the emergency department regularly. Besides, critical care team has also extended regular service in the postoperative ward where the patients are benefited with ICU care. The department has also extended its services as remote anaesthesia to the radiology department for CT services, procedural sedation for UGI endoscopy and colonoscopy for needy patients. The department has also extended its pain management service from three days a week to six days a week.




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Dr. Anil Shrestha



Associate Professor and Head of Department MD, Fellowship in Interventional Pain management 9851069727
Dr. Renu Gurung



Associate Professor MD, Fellowship in Pain management 9851082814
Dr. Subhash Prasad Acharya



Associate Professor MD, FACC, FCCP 9851147242
Dr. Hira Khadka



Consultant MD 9851030324
Dr. Gentle Sunder Shrestha



Assistant Professor MD, FACC, FCCP, EDIC 9841248584
Dr. Binita Acharya



Assistant Professor MD, Fellowship in Clinical Pain Management 9841273681
Dr. Pramesh Sunder Shrestha



Assistant Professor MD, DM Critical Care Medicine 9841298710
Dr. Bigen Man Shakya



Assistant  Professor MD, Fellowship in Clinical Pain Management 9841227182
Dr. Ninadini Shrestha




Assistant Professor MD 9803517471
Dr. Amit Sharma Bhattarai



Assistant  Professor MD, Fellowship in Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplant Anaesthesia 9851141655
Dr. Megha Koirala


Assistant  Professor MD 9851084125
Dr. Navindra Raj Bista



Assistant  Professor MD 9841461305
Dr. Bashu Dev Parajuli



Assistant  Professor MD 9851179038
Dr. Hem Raj Paneru



Assistant Professor MD,

DM Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Ritesh Lamsal Assistant Professor MD, DM Neuroanesthesiology and Neurocritical Care


Dr. Pankaj Joshi





MD 9851084178



Photo of Department

Photo: Faculties in the department of anaesthesiology, TUTH

Photo: Faculties at the CURRENT 2017


Photo: Symposium on Interventional Pain Management



Academic activities of the department

MD Anesthesiology

Primary objective of MD anesthesiology program is to provide intensive training for peri-operative anesthetic management of patients with varied anesthetic needs and complexities. Residents are taught and educated to become independent practitioners in the field of anesthesiology. They are provided competency based graded and progressive clinical responsibility in the field of anesthesia under direct supervision of faculties. During the three year training period, residents are also taught the basic components of research and are exposed to the concepts of medical education and administration. Residents are also exposed to critical care, acute and chronic pain management and emergency room in addition to peri-operative anesthetic management of patients.

Any student who has passed MBBS from any university recognized by TU with one year of working experience after completion of MBBS is eligible to apply for the program. Students are enrolled in the program on merit basis of PG entrance examination. Academic as well as clinical skill evaluation is done throughout their clinical posting with final exit exam at the end of three years. Tools for monitoring and evaluation are logbook of academic activities and skills including clinical case management, topic presentation, journal club discussion, mortality and morbidity meetings, and written and practical examination at the end of three years. In addition students have to complete their thesis six months before appearing for the final exit examination.

DM Critical Care Medicine

DM CCM is a newly instituted postgraduate training program in the country. Three students have graduated so far and three more are under training. Primary objective of DM CCM program is to produce competent, skilled manpower who will be able to deal effectively with the acute, serious, and life-threatening medical and surgical diseases. He/She should be able to lead a critical care team at any level in the community to provide critical care service.

Any student applying for the course must be a postgraduate possessing MD in Anesthesiology, Internal medicine or General practice form the institution recognized by Tribhuvan University.


DM CCM is a three year residency program during which trainees are posted in various critical care areas including general medical surgical ICU, PICU, NICU, CCU, CTVS ICU, Emergency and community ICUs.

We conduct regular classes twice a week including topic presentation and discussion, journal club, morbidity and mortality meeting with active involvement of specialists from various medical and surgical sub-specialties.

Residents have to complete thesis on any topic related to practice of critical care medicine and they need to submit the final draft six months prior to final exit examination. Monitoring and evaluation of the training is done on regular basis. The tools of evaluation are clinical bedside assessment of skills and case management, end-of posting evaluation while rotating through various departments, logbook of cases and procedures performed. The trainee has to sit for the final exam at the end of the course to get certified as a critical care specialist.

Master of Nursing

The department is also involved in Master of Nursing academic program where it provides classes to MN students about critical care, ventilator management and resuscitation.

Undergraduate Programs

The department is involved in teaching and learning in different undergraduate programs.


The department is actively involved in academic program of MBBS level which consists of twelve hours of lecture, two weeks clinical posting in department of Anesthesiology for each student during junior internship and internship, and training of basic and advanced life support in skills lab of IOM.


The department is providing academic service to the BDS students in form of ten hours of lecture, three hours of practical class and two weeks of clinical posting for each student. Training of basic and advanced life support is also provided for BDS students.

Nursing (PCL and Bachelors)

The department is academically involved in teaching and learning of nursing students. The department takes ten classes each for PCL Nursing and BSc Nursing. The department also provides basic life support training to the nursing students.

Other academic activities

  • Regular basic and advanced cardiac life support training to residents, house officers, nursing staffs, paramedics and dental doctors from within and outside the institute.
  • Postgraduate teaching for residents from other departments – General practice (3 months), Obstetric and Gynecology (1 month), Internal Medicine (1 month in ICU)
  • Active participation in the CMEs organized by Society of Anaesthesiologist’s of Nepal (SAN) and Nepalese Society of Critical Care Medicine (NSCCM)
  • Teaching for DM residents from emergency medicine for a period of three months.
  • Elective posting of foreign students usually for 1 – 2 months.


  1. Major Operating Room Anesthesia Service

The department provides anesthesia service to elective as well as emergency surgical cases. The department provides anesthesia service in T.U. Teaching Hospital (consisting of main hospital and Ganeshman Singh Academy of ENT and head and neck Surgery)

  1. Anesthesia outside operating rooms including USG guided radiological procedures, CT, MRI, endoscopy etc
  2. PAC Clinic
  3. Intensive Care
  4. Critical Care Outreach Service
  5. Pain management
  6. CPR workshop

Activities/ workshops

Department of anaesthesiology conducts a day long CURRENT every year which is intended to update advancing knowledge in the field of anaesthesia, pain and critical care.

  1. MMC meet
  2. Beyond Basic: Airway management
  3. Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia
  4. Essential Pain Management
  5. Acute Care Ultrasound Workshop
  6. Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for Chronic Pain