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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Application for Approval of Research Proposal



Institutional Review Board (IRB) was established in 2004 in the Institute of Medicine under the Research Committee with the objective of doing an ethical review of the proposals submitted by the faculties and the students within the institute. The Institutional Review Board consists of members from various departments within the Institute. The mandate of the IRB is to monitor and review all the research conducted by IOM faculty, students and staff that compiles and analyzes data gathered about human subjects. In addition, the IRB reviews research conducted by parties not affiliated with the Institute, but which uses IOM students, faculty or staff as research subjects. Till date, IRB has given approval to 92 research proposals.

Duties promulgated to institutional review board include ethics consultation, education, peer review, monitoring of clinical trials, and protection of the safety and welfare of research subjects. Additional roles include initial protocol review, ongoing review, and monitoring of adverse events. Furthermore, institutional review boards maintain the authority to sanction and enforce rules regarding noncompliant investigators by rejecting a proposal or terminating an investigation.


The IRB has been formulated by Dean as follows:

Prof. Dr. Mohan Raj Sharma, Chairman
Prof. Dr. Dhanik Lal Bharkher, Member
Prof. Dr. Benu Lohani, Member
Prof. Dr. Ramesh Prasad Aacharya, Member
Prof. Kiran Bajracharya, Member
Asso. Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Das, Member
Asso. Prof. Dr. Amod Kumar Poudyal, Member
Asso. Prof. Dr. Meenu Choudhary, Member
Asso. Prof. Dr. Biswas Pradhan, Member
Asso. Prof. Dr. Abhimanyu Jha, Member
Advocate Mr. Narayan Khanal, Member
Prof. Dr. Jeevan Bahadur Sherchand, Member Secretary

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