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IOM-IRC Research Proposal Format - 2020 

IOM-IRC Consent Form – 2020


1. Institute of Medicine and Research Department

Institute of Medicine (IOM), the first medical college of the country was established in 1972 under the aegis of Tribhuvan University (TU). The main objectives were to make Nepal self-reliant in the production of human resources for health. Initially, IOM was entrusted with a responsibility to train primary and mid-level of health manpower, responding to the immediate need of the country. Later, as the institutional capacity of IOM strengthened, the Institute realized that it should also focus on the training of higher level of human resources for health, and thus a bachelor degree in medicine and surgery (called MBBS) started at IOM for the first time in the country. This was followed by the initiation of several other post-graduate programs (MD/MS level). Since then, IOM has been established as a center for excellence in training all kind of human resources for health providing quality health care and undertaking scientific research in health sciences.

The curriculum at Institute of Medicine is a blend of theoretical and practical exposures in which students acquire adequate experiences in both cognitive and pragmatic aspects of health care. Traditionally, the focus has been on the community experiences, owing to the greatest need of the country to produce comprehensive, compassionate, and competent health professionals who can deliver the best of their knowledge and skills to the people living in various communities and remote areas. This organ system based integrated medical curriculum focused on community need has created tremendous opportunities for both the faculty and student to conduct research that is need-based and community-oriented.

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Over the years, IOM has been instrumental in promoting health research in the country through all its total 31 departments that includes clinical, para-clinical and community health. Clinical research, Biomedical and laboratory-based research have been reported in several national and international publications, some of which have gained tremendous popularity abroad. Thus, Institute of Medicine is committed to improve the quality of research; as it helps to promote quality teaching learning activities and to provide better health care services.

To facilitate research works, Institute of Medicine has established Research Committee, Institutional Review Board (IRB), and Research Department under the Dean of IOM, TU.


2. Research Committee

Dean of the Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University is the Chairperson of Research Committee. Members of Research Committee are nominated by Dean from various disciplines. The objective of Research Committee is to set policy and guidelines in order to promote research in health science at the Institute of Medicine and create a research environment.


Research Committee

Chairperson: Professor Dr. Dibya Singh Shah, Dean, Institute of Medicine

Member: Professor Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma Guragain, Department of ENT

Member: Professor Dr. Madhu Dixit Devkota, Head, Department of Community Medicine & Public Health

Member: Professor Dr. Yogendra P Singh, Research Director, Institute of Medicine

Member: Professor Dr. Pradip Krishna Shrestha, Head, Department of Internal Medicine

Member: Professor Kiran Bajracharya, Mahrajgunj Nursing Campus

Member: Professor Dr. Bishnu Shankar Poudel, Executive Director, CNAS, Tribhuvan University

Member: Dr. Meghnath Dhimal, Nepal Health Research Council


A. Research Department

Research Department was established in March 2008 by Dean, Institute of Medicine to strengthen research in the institute. Director of Research Department appointed by Dean, will implement the decision of Research Committee and coordinate the research activities between the Dean of IOM, and other concerned bodies such as Institutional Review Board, Campus Chief of Maharajgunj Campus and others.

Objectives of Research Department:

  • To activate and promote research activities of various Campuses and their Departments
  • To provide technical expertise as per their need
  • To conduct research methodology workshops and trainings for faculties  and post graduate students
  • To build up collaboration in research with various national and  international organizations
  • To identify and explore research areas.
  • To support teaching/learning activities.
  • To monitor the progress of enrolled research work in the institute
  • To help in the publication of research articles
  • To process and provide ethical approval
  • To supervise and monitor of research activities of IOM and national and international linkage research project.
  • To promote and link with INGOs/NGOs for research collaboration


Institute of Medicine
Tribhuvan University
Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 00977-1-4413187 (Office)
Fax: 00977-1-4418186
G.P.O. Box: 1524


Administrative Staffs:
1. Mr. Bhupendra Shahi, Section officer
2. Mr. Pramod Giri, Head Technical Assistant (Computer)
3. Ms. Ganga Dhakal, Office Attendant

Research Department
Institute of Medicine
Tribhuvan University
Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 00977-1-4413187 (Office)


B. Institutional Review Committee (IRC)

Institutional Review Committee (IRC) was established in 2004 in the Institute of Medicine as helping hand to Research Department with the objective to do ethical review of the proposals submitted by the faculties and the students within the institute. The Institutional Review Committee (IRC) at Institute of Medicine consists of members from various departments within the Institute. The role of the IRC is to review in advance all research proposals involving human subjects’ data, and to monitor the progress of projects that have been reviewed by the IRC.

The purpose of IRC review is to insure that the rights of human subjects are protected. The IRC is a committee whose primary responsible is to protect the right and welfare of research subjects and to function as a kind of ethics committee focusing on what is right or wrong and on what is desirable or undesirable. Thus the IRC is required to make judgments about individuals and groups ought to do and how they ought to do it.

The Institutional Review Committee of IOM evaluates the ethical aspects of research involving human subject. Hence, the mandate of the IRC is to monitor and review all research conducted by IOM faculty, students and staff that compiles and analyzes data gathered about human subjects. In addition, the IRC reviews research conducted by parties not affiliated with the Institute, but which uses IOM students, faculty or staff as research subjects.

Following members of Institutional Review Committee (IRC), nominated from the Research Committee of Dean’s office are as follows:

1. Prof. Dr. Dwarika Prasad Shrestha: Chairman
2. Prof. Dr. Geeta Gurung : Member
3. Prof. Dr. Sudha Basnet : Member
4. Prof. Dr. Ramesh Acharya : Member
5. Asso. Prof. Dr. Subash Acharya : Member
6. Asso. Prof. Jyoti Baba Shrestha : Member
7. Asso. Prof. Dr. Suresh Uprety : Member
8. Asso. Prof. Dr. Bishnu Chaulagain : Member
9. Asso. Prof. Dr. Shiva Mangal Prashad : Member
10. Mr. Bashudev Regmi : Member
11. Dr. Ragesh Karna : Member
12. Mr. Sushanman Shrestha : Member
13. Mr. Ram Binod Mahato : Member
14. Mr. Krishna Shrestha : Member
15. Prof. Dr Y P Singh : Member Secretary


Human Resources Management Committee, IOM, TU

This committee was established in IOM in 2075 BS with following objectives.
1. Identify the need of academic human resources in different campuses and departments in IOM.
2. Recommend for further training, promotion and higher education for current faculties of IOM with appropriate justification.
3. Assess for the need and recommend faculties for deputation in other institutes within TU, other universities and other bodies of Nepal government
4. Advice Dean of IOM on relevance of demands of human resources from different departments, campuses and centers in IOM with appropriate
5. Advice on effective use of available human resources in IOM and development of trained human resources with appropriate justification.

The committee members are as follows:

1 Prof. Dr Rohit Kumar Pokharel, MMC Chairman
2 Prof. Takma KC, MNC Member
3 Asso. Prof. Dr Arun Sharma, MMC Member
4 Mr. Jaya Karan Prasad Chaudhary, TUTH Member
5 Mr. Romnath Bishwakarma, Dean Office, IOM Member Secretary


Documents required for submission of research Proposal:

1. Submission Letter
2. Research Proposal
3. Information for Participants Page
4. Consent Form
5. Questionnaire/Pro Forma

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