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Department of Information Technology

Prof. Dr. Pradeep Vaidya

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) was established in 1st Aswin, 2065, to assist in fulfilling IOM’s main goal, which is to excel in Medical Education, Service and Research. In support of the Institute of Medicine’s mission, the Information Technology Department promotes, develops delivers and facilitates the use of information technology services and resources in IOM. The need for this department in IOM is to update data such as, Patients, Research and advances in Medicine. In this age of Global Village, the need to excel in one’s own objectives is assisted only by information technology.

DIT helps all the faculties and staffs of IOM who are interested in all matters of medical information. It provides services like Faculty room which is also a business center with all IT facilities; it has video conferencing room which has been conducting telemedicine, tele-consultation and teleconferencing. It also provides cheap, fast internet connection to all the departments and staff via LAN and wireless service to the entire IOM compound. There is complete Wi-Fi coverage in TU Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj Nursing Campus, Maharajgunj Medical Campus and IOM. It also provides free internet and HINARI service in the library and department for all students and staffs.

DIT initiated the on line examination form submission to now, all the candidates work is done on-line. Similarly, in the quest to make TUTH a  paperless hospital, a beginning was done with discharge sheet, then admission and investigation also. The software was developed with experts/doctors and IT department and hosted in the department. It was started in Dept. of Surgery, Unit III and now is ready to roll over to other departments. DIT has also initiated a record keeping mechanism for keeping records of the hospitals in electronic version.

It has been providing wireless internet service (throughout the compound) and LAN service to departments in very cheap rate.

DIT has conducted video conference with various hospitals (national and international) and conducted a Journal club and discussion of difficult  diseases in these sessions. It is regularly conducting a tele-teaching/consulting study with Hospice Nepal. The initial report show that it may well be the future for communication, teaching, and medical consultation for a country like Nepal with difficult terrain.

IOM–DIT being the provider of central information technology services to Institute of Medicine.

IOM DIT primary areas of  responsibility are:

> The Institute’s Internet connectivity

  • Cheap
  • Reliable

> Universal – inside the IOM compound

  • Web infrastructure and web page development
  • IT support to all departments

> DIT also supports all the staffs/departments with IT support by repairing Laptop, Desktop computer, printer, photocopy machine and scanners. The staff of DIT also supports any kind of software problems in any IOM staff’s, department’s computer or laptops.

>  Computers and associated equipments

>  Save data of the institute

>  To make TUTH a paperless hospital

>  Telemedicine

>  Information Security

>  Promoting international cooperation with various agencies via teleconferencing.


IOM-DIT Governance Council

  • Dean - Chairman
  • All Asst. Deans - Member
  • Executive Director of TUTH ­
  • Campus Chief, Maharajgunj Campus
  • Campus Chief of Nursing Campus
  • Director of Medical Education Department
  • Director of Research Department
  • Expert from Engineering Institute
  • Senior Administrative Officer Deans Office
  • Director IOM-DIT - Member Secretary