Department of Internal-Medicine

Maharajgunj Campus
Institute of Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine is one of the leading departments of Maharajgunj campus, Institute of medicine based at T.U. Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj. It started functioning way back in 1972. The primary goals of the department are as follows:

1. To provide quality education to under graduate and post graduate students of IOM.
2. To provide quality services through Medical OPD, Emergency department and in-patient services.
3. To promote research in health related problems.

Activities of the Department
A. Training
Department of Medicine runs the training programmes for the following students:

1. MBBS students of IOM with an intake of sixty students per year.
2. Post graduate students: Department runs a three year residency programme for PG students of MD in Internal Medicine with an intake of 6-8 students per year.
3. MD in General Practice student's residency training for 5 months,accepting 2-3 students per rotation.
4. Short term training to students of MD psychiatry.
5. Short term training to students of MD Dermatology.
6. Neurology training to the students of MD in Psychiatry and Paediatrics programme of IOM and the MD Psychiatry programme of B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan through its Neurology Unit.
7. Student electives: Medical students from Europe, Australia, USA and other countries are trained as elective students who are attached for 4 weeks to months as clinical elective students. 16-20 students are accepted every year.
8. Students of Peoples Dental College attend clinical bedside classes.


B. Services

1. Out-Patient Services: General Medicine Out-patient service is provided on every working day through its general OPD and specialty services in Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Gastro-enterology and Pulmonology are provided through its specialty clinics on assigned days.

2. In patient service: provide through a total 109 beds consisting of:

I. General medicine beds including cabins--------- 78 beds
II. Coronary Care Unit --------------------------- 5 beds
III. Intensive Care Unit --------------------------- 6 beds
Intermediate Coronary Care Unit ------------- 5 beds
Neurology ward ------------------------------ 6 beds
VI. Haemodialysis ------------------------------- 4 beds
Nephrology wards --------------------------6 beds

3 Speciality Services: Following speciality services are provided by the department:

I. Cardiology Services: Cardiology clinic, ECG, Echocardiography, Treadmil exercise test(TMT), temporary and permanent pace-maker implantation.
II. Neurology services: Neurology clinic, Nerve conduction and EMG studies, Neuro-opthalmology clinic.
III. Nephrology services: Nephrology clinic, Haemodialysis, Renal biopsy, Central Venous Cannulation.
IV. Gastroenterology services: Gastroenterology clinic, upper GI endoscopy.
V. Pulmonology services: Pulmonology clinic, Pulmonary Function Test, Bronchoscopy and critical care services.
VI. HIV/AIDS counseling services.


C Reasearch

Faculties of the department of Internal Medicine are involved in research in their area of interest. Articles have been published in national and international journals.

D. Faculty Members

1. Dr. Kanak Bahadur Raut MBBS,MD(Nephrology) Professorand Unit Head
2. Dr. Arun Sayami MBBS,MD(Cardiology) Professor ,Unit Head and Dean of IOM
3. Dr. Jagdish Prasad Agrawal MBBS,MD,MHPE Professor, Unit Head and Head of Department
4. Dr. Shashi Sharma MBBS,MD Associate Professor and Unit Head
5. Dr. Sunil Chandra Jha MBBS,MD Associate Professor and Unit Head
6. Dr. Ratna Raj Poudel MD, MD (Cardiology) Associate Professor
7. Dr. Pradeep Krishna Shrestha MBBS, MD Associate Professor
8. Dr. Prem Krishna Khadga MBBS, MD Associate Professor
9. Dr. Gajendra Bahadur Baniya MD,PhD Associate Professor
10. Dr. Karbir Nath Yogi MBBS,MD, FCCP Associate Professor and Unit Head
11. Dr. Krishna Kumar Oli MD, PhD Associate Professor and Assistant Campus Chief
12. Dr. Divya Singh MBBS,MD Assistant Professor
13. Dr. Bikash Dali MD Assistant Professor
14. Dr. Subarna Mani Acharya MBBS Assistant Professor
15. Dr. Mahesh Raj Sigdel MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
16. Dr. Ratna Mani Gajurel MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
17. Dr. Kamal Sarma Lamsal MBBS, MD Teaching Assistant
18. Dr. Niranjan Acharya MBBS, MD Teaching Assistant
19. Dr. Om Murti Anil MBBS, MD Teaching Assistant
20. Dr. Santa Kumar Das MBBS, MD Teaching Assistant

E. Future Plan
To strengthen the existing speciality services and to develop new speciality services in the following area:

1. Hematology
2. Oncology
3. Endocrinology
4. Rheumatology