Ayurveda Campus is the only centre for Ayurvedic education in Nepal. It resulted from the merging of HMG's Ayurveda Vidhyalaya and Chikitsalaya with the Institute on Medicine in 1972. History reveals that Rajakiya Ayurveda Vidhyalaya was the first to start technical education in the country in 1993 BS. Though striving for infrastructure since more than two decades. Bachelor and Certificate admissions were interrupted in 1991 and 1993 and was restarted in 1996. It admits 15 students every year into its 5½ years course with 3 professionals of 18 months each, followed by an internship of one year.

Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

The BAMS programme enables the learners:
- to be competent, capable to providing ayurveda health services in Nepal, identifying and managing health institutions.

Course of Study::
The curriculum is divided into the professionals of 18 months each. The students have to pass in all the subjects before being promoted to the next professional. To be able to take the professional examinations, one must pass the internal assessment.

::Academic Programmes::

Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

::Students Enrollment::
Bachelor 78
First Professional Second Professional Third Professional
The first professional consists of the following subjects:
- Sanskrit
- Ayurveda Ko Itihas
- Padartha Bigyan
- Astanga Sangraha
- Sareer Rachana Bigyan
- Sareer Kriya Bigyan

The second professional consists of the following subjects:
- Swastha Vritta
- Dravya Guna
- Rasa Shastra & V. Kalpana
- Agada Tantra & B. Ayurveda
- Roga Bigyan & Vikriti B.
- Charak Samhita Purwardha

The third professional consists of the following subjects:
- Kayachikitsa
- Shalya Tantra
- Kaumar Bhritya
- Prasuti Tantra & Stree Rogas
- Charak Samhita Uttarardha

Students who have passed in all the first professional examinations will be admitted into second professional and the students who passes in all the second professional examinations will be permitted to appear in the third professional examination.

The final examination takes place at the end of each professional, covering both theory and practical and practical.

Internship training and BAMS Degree::

Students who have satisfatorily completed one year's compulsory rotation internship training in different departments of Ayurvedic Hospital or Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital shall be entitled to apply for BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery/Ayurvedacharya) degree.

Eligibiligy Criteria::
Candidates who have passed Proficiency Certificate in Traditional and General Medicine or Intermediate Science with Biology or 10+2 with English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (EPCB) or Uttar madhyama with EPCB examination securing atleast 50 percent marks in aggregate are eligible. They have to take the common entrance test. English, General Science and Ayurvedic and modern health sciences are three sections of a single paper with 100 multiple choice items. One must secure atleast 50 percent marks to be enlisted in the merit list. First twenty in the merit list will be selected.