Departments & Support Centres

::Medical Education Department::

Training of teachers on medical education: IOM teachers as well as teachers from other medical colleges.
Training of trainers to help different programmes of Ministry of Health
Assisted in the development of national policy on education of health professionals education.

::Health Learning Materials Center::

Played a pioneering role in the development of learning materials to assist the primary health care movement of the government as well in training the writers, editors and illustrators for the development of learning materials in the country.

::Mental Health Project::

Provide community based mental health care in the country.
It is working at various levels including developing needed human resources and raising the awareness in the community. It is working to uplift the mental health status for positive psychological and social development of children.

::Postgraduate education and research support center::

::Central Library::

Tribhuvan University, Teaching Hospital (TUTH) Library under institute of Medicine, started since 1978, previously known as Central Campus Library, IOM which was established from 1972. This Library is also the deposited center of WHO publications.

::Department of Information Technology (DIT)::

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) was established in the purpose of assisting in fulfilling Institute of Medicine.s (IOM) main goals, which are to excel in Medical Education, Service and Research.

IOM being a premier institute has lots of data, research and to keep up with the advances in medicine, there was a great need for its own information technology center.

In this age of Global Village, the need to excel in one.s own objectives is assisted only by information technology.