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Level / Description
Retotaling Result of Bachelor Programs  2071/12/30
Result of MBBS 3rd Phase 4th Year  2071/12/29
Result of B.Pharmacy & MPH  2071/12/23
Result of B.Pharmacy 2nd year & DM Gastro Final Year  2071/12/16
PG 2nd Open House Counselling Result 2071/72  2071/12/11
Result of MBBS 1st Year Retotaling   2071/12/08
Result of B.Sc. MLT 2nd year  2071/12/05
Result of BPH 2nd year & PCL 3rd Year  2071/12/02
PG Open House Counselling Day 2 Result 2071/72  2071/12/02
PG Open House Counselling Day 1 Result 2071/72  2071/12/01
Result of PCL 1st, 2nd & BPH 3rd Year  2071/11/26
Result of B.Pharmacy 1st year & B.Sc.MLT 3rd Year  2071/11/26
PG entrance examination 2071(2015)MN Program  2071/11/25
Result of B.Optam 1st,2nd&3rd Year/ BAMS 1st & 2nd Professional  2071/11/25
PG Entrance Result 2071/072 (2015)  2071/11/25
Result of BASLP 1st&2nd Year B.Sc.Nursing 1st Year  2071/11/25
Result of BNS 1st Year  2071/11/04
Result of B.Sc.MLT 1st Year  2071/11/03
Result of MBBS 1st Phase 1st year  2071/10/29
Result of Various Programs (MPH, BDS)  2071/10/28
Result of MBBS 2nd Year  2071/10/22
Result of BASLP 3rd Year and B.Sc.Nursing 4th Year  2071/10/21
Result of BDS 4th year, 1st Phase & BPH 1st year  2071/10/19
Result of BSc.Nursing 2nd Year, 3rd Year and B.Sc.MIT 2nd Year  2071/10/14
Re-totaling Result of Masters and Bachelors level programs  2071/10/13
Result of different programs of Bachelor level  2071/10/08
Result of BN, 1st and 2nd Year  2071/09/24
Result of PCL Nursing 2nd Year  2071/09/23
Result of PCl Nursing 3rd Year & BMLT 3rd year  2071/09/20
Result of MBBS 3rd Phase 4th Year  2071/08/26
Result MN & MDGP  2071/08/22
Result of MD Pathology Final Year  2071/08/04
Result of BDS 4th year 2nd Phase  2071/07/21
Result of PCL 1st Year  2071/07/18
Result of BAMS 3rd professional  2071/07/14
Re totaling result of Bachelors Programs  2071/07/05
Re totaling Result of MBBS 3rd Phase 4th year & BDS 3rd year  2071/06/29
Result of DM Emergency Medicine & MDS Final Year 2071/06/26
Results of Various Masters Programs 2071/06/24
Results 2071/06/23
Result of MCH Neuro Surgery and BAMS 1st Prof. 2071/06/7
Result of Various Programs (DM, MCh, MD) 2071/06/5
Result of MBBS 3rd Phase Final year & MBBS 3rd phase 5th year 2071/05/29
Retotaling Result of various program 2071/05/29
Result of MBBS Staff Quota 2071/05/29
Result of B Pharmacy 2nd year 2071/05/24
Result of B.Pharmacy 1st & 3rd Year 2071/05/22
Bachelor Entrance (BPH, B.Sc. MIT, B.Sc. MLT & BNS) Result 2071 2071/05/19
Result of MBBS 2nd Phase 3rd Year 2071/05/19
Bachelor Entrance (B.Pharm, B.Optom, BASLP, BDS, BAMS & B.Sc. Nursing) Result 2071 2071/05/18
MBBS Entrance Result 2071 2071/05/17
Retotaling Result Of MPH 1st year & BDS 4th year 2nd Phase 2071/05/17
DM / MCh Entrance Result 2071 2071/05/13
Result of MBBS, 3rd phase, 4th year 2071/05/08
Retotaling Result of MS Ortho, MD Psychiatrics, MBBS 2nd year & BDS 2nd year 2071/05/04
Result of BDS 3rd Year 2071/05/03
Result of Masters and Bachelors Program 2071/04/29
Result of MBBS 1st phase 1st year 2071/04/23
Result of MD 1st year & Bams 2nd & 3rd prof. 2071/04/22
Result of MN 1st year & BDS 1st year 2071/04/21
Result of BPH 1st year& B.Sc.Nursing 1st year 2071/04/20
Result of MN 2nd year 2071/04/18
PCL staff quota Result of 2071-072 2071/04/16
Retotaling Result of Various programs 2071/04/15
Result of Masters & Bachelors programs 2071/04/15
PCL entrance 2071 nursing Result 2071/04/09
Result of MPH first year 2071/04/08
BDS 4th Year, 2nd phase Result 2071/04/04
Result of Masters & Bachelor programs 2071/03/31
Result 2071/03/24
Result of PG Counseling 2071/03/24
Result of second counseling 2071/03/20
Result 2071/03/19
Retotaling result of MBBS 2nd phase 2071/03/18
Pcl Nursing 2nd & B.optam 4th,baslp 2nd & b.scmit1st &3rd year result 2071/03/18
MDMS Foreign Category Counseling Result 2014 2071/03/17
PG Entrance Counseling Result 2071 2071/03/16
Result of MBBS 2nd Year 2071/03/10
Result Of BDS 2nd year 2071/03/10
Results of the entrance examination-2014 for postgraduate academic programms of MD/MS & MDS 2071/03/09
Results of the entrance examination-2014 for postgraduate academic programs: MD Ayurveda, M. Sc.MIT, M.Sc.Clinical Microbiology, MN and M. Phil Clinical Psychology 2071/03/08
Results of the entrance examination-2014 for postgraduate academic programs of MPH/MPHN/MHP&E and M.SC.CLINICAL Biochemistry 2071/03/06
Result 2071/03/03
Result of Various Masters level programs 2071/03/02
Re-totaling Result of B pharmacy 1st year 2071/03/02
Result of MBBS 3rd phase 5th year (Final) 2071/02/30
Result of Various Master Level programs & BDS 4th Year 1st phase 2071/02/29
Result of various Master programs 2071/02/28
MBBS first year Retotaling Result 2071/02/13
Retotaling Result of MBBS 1st phase 1st year 2071/02/11
Retotaling results of various programe 2071/02/07
Result of MBBS second phase Result 2071/02/05
MBBS 3rd Phase final Year & PCL Radiography 2nd & 3rd Year Result 2071/02/01
B.Pharmacy first year result 2071/01/29
MPH final year result  2071/01/17
Retotalating of BN first year  2071/01/16
BDS third year Result  2071/01/15
Retotaling Result OF MBBS 1 Phase 2nd Year  2071/01/14
Retotaling Result of PCL 1st & 2nd Year  2071/01/14
Result of B.Pharmacy third year  2071/01/03
Result of MBBS first year  2071/01/02

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