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Level / Description
Second Counseling Result of MD/MS M.Sc.MIT, MPH/MPHN/MHP&E  2072/12/28
Result of BDS 3rd Year 2072  2072/12/24
Counseling Results of PG Entrance Examination 2072/073  2072/12/23
Result of MBBS 2nd Phase (3rd Year) 2072  2072/12/22
Counseling Results of PG Entrance Examination 2072/073  2072/12/19
Retotaling result 2072-12-15  2072/12/15
Results of PG Entrance Examination 2072/073  2072/12/15
Result of MD/MS Entrance Result 2072  2072/12/14
Result of MBBS 3rd Phase 4th Year Regular exam 2072  2072/12/11
result of 3rd year  2072/12/01
Results of MBBS 3rd Phase 5th Year & Final Year Examination 2072  2072/11/20
Retotaling Result 2072-11-20  2072/11/20
Result of BASLP,BAMS,PCL 1st year   2072/11/18
Retotaling Result of Various Program 17/11/2072  2072/11/17
Result of B. Pharm 2nd Year 2072  2072/11/17
Result of B.Pharm 1st Year 2072  2072/11/11
Result of BPH 3rd Year Regular Exam 2072  2072/11/11
Result of B.Sc. MIT 4th Year & BNS 2nd Year  2072/11/09
Result of BPH 2nd year & BAMS 2nd Prof  2072/11/06
Result of B.Sc. MLT 4th Year & BNS 1st Year Programs 2072  2072/11/04
Results of B.Optom 2nd Year/BPH 1st Year & B.Sc.MLT 2nd/3rd Year  2072/11/03
Results of B.Sc. Nursing 1st year & BPH 4th Year  2072/11/02
Results of BDS, 4th Year 1st Phase & BASLP,3rd Year  2072/10/28
Results of B.Sc.MIT,2nd Year / 3rd Year & B.Sc. Nursing 3rd Year Regular Exam 2072  2072/10/22
Results of B.Sc.MIT 1st Year & B.Sc.Nursing, 2nd Year Regular exam 2072  2072/10/21
Results of BSc. MLT 1st Year & B.Optom 4th Year Regular Exam 2072  2072/10/20
Result of Bsc.Nursing 4th Year  2072/10/19
Result of MBBS 1st Phase,1st Year Regular Exam 2072  2072/10/18
Result of BDS 1st Year 2072  2072/10/13
Result of MBBS 2nd Year annual examination 2072  2072/10/12
Result of BDS 2nd Year 2072  2072/10/06
Result  2072/09/29
Result of DM/MCh Entrance Examination 2072  2072/09/27
Routine of MN 2nd Year Regular & supplementary Exam  2072/09/23
Result of DM/MCh Entrance 2072/2073  2072/09/02
Results of MN 1st Year & BAMS 3rd Proff  2072/09/01
Result of BDS 4th Year, 2nd Phase  2072/08/21
Result of PCL 3rd Year  2072/08/15
Retotaling Result of B.Pharm 4th & 3rd Year, BAMS 1st & 3rd Prof.BDS 3rd Year, MBBS 2nd Phase  2072/07/30
Result of MD Pathology & MPH Final Year, MD Paediatrics / MS Orthopaedics & trauma Surgery First Year  2072/07/29
List of Candiates selected from Open House Counseling for MBBS & BDS Program in IOM Affiliated College  2072/07/24
Result of MBBS Open House Counseling of 22-23 Kartik 2072  2072/07/24
Results of BDS First Counseling  2072/07/19
Results of MBBS First Counseling of Rank upto 1000  2072/07/18
Results of MD Medical Biochemistry 3rd Year/MDS Orthopaedics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics/Periodontics & Oral Implantology & Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics Final Year  2072/07/12
Result of DM Gastroenterology/MD Radiodiagnosis / MS Orthopaedics & trauma Surgery 3rd Year & PCL Nursing 2nd Year  2072/07/11
Results of Bachelor Entrance Staff Quota in MBBS & BAMS Programs  2072/07/11
Result of MCh.Surgical Gastroenterology Final Year/MDGP 3rd Year/MD Internal Medicine & MS General Surgery Final Year  2072/07/10
IOM Bachelor Entrance MeritList 2072  2072/06/24
Result of Various PG Program  2072/06/24
IOM Bachelor Entrance Examination Results 2072 - (BAMS, BNS & B. Pharmacy)  2072/06/21
IOM Bachelor Entrance Examination Results 2072 - (BPH/BSc.MLT/Bsc.MIT/B.Optometry/BDS & BSc.Nursing)  2072/06/20
IOM Bachelor Entrance Examination Results 2072 - MBBS  2072/06/19
Results of DM Cardiology/DM Emergency Medicine/DM Nephrology/MCh. (CTVS)/MCh. Neurosurgey/MCh.Urology Final Year & MD Dermatology / MD Psychiatry Final Year and BAMS 1st Prof.  2072/06/18
Retotaling Result of MBBS 3rd Phase 4th/ 5th & Final Year & BDS 4th Year 2nd Phase  2072/06/06
Re-totaling Result of MPH,MHPE,MPHN,MN,MS Orthopaedics & MDRD 1st Year  2072/05/31
Result of MBBS 2nd Phase and BAMS 2nd Prof.  2072/05/27
Result of BAMS 3rd Prof  2072/05/18
Result of PCL Nursing 1st Year  2072/05/17
Results of B.Pharmacy 3rd Year & BDS 3rd Year  2072/05/08
Result of MN 1st Year  2072/04/32
Result of MBBS 3rd Phase 4th Year  2072/04/28
Result of B.Pharmacy 4th Year  2072/04/26
Result of MBBS 3rd Phase 5th Year & 3rd Phase Final Year  2072/04/21
Result of MDGP 1st/2nd Year and B. Pharmacy 2nd Year  2072/04/20
Result of BDS 4th year 2nd Year & MD Ayurveda First & Final Year  2072/04/18
PG Result Various Programs 2072  2072/04/8
Results of MSc.MIT 1st & 2nd Year and MN 2nd Year  2072/03/30
PCL Nursing Entrance Examination Result of 2072/073  2072/03/29
Retotaling Results of MBBS 1st Year/BDS 1st Year & Bsc.MLT 1st Year  2072/03/29
Result of MS Orthopedics 3rd Year/ MD Medical Biochemistry 1st Year & MSc. Clinical Biochemistry 1st & 2nd Year  2072/03/29
Results of MPH final Year & B.Sc. MLT 3rd Year  2072/03/22
Result of MD Psyciatric 1st & 3rd Year,M.Phil Cl. Psychology 1st Year & MDS Prosto/Ortho/Perio/Oral/Conservative, Final Year  2072/03/17
Results of MDGP Final Year,MD Internal Medicine Final Year, MD Obs/Gyn Final Year,MD Paediatrics 3rd Year,MD Psyciatrics 3rd Year & M.Phil Cl.Psychology 2nd Year.  2072/03/16
Result of MD Anasthesia Final Year,MS ENT final Year,MD Medical Biochemistry 3rd Year,M.Sc.Cl. Biochemistry 3rd Year, BASLP 3rd Year & B.Sc.MLT 2nd Year  2072/03/14
Re-Totaling Result of MBBS 3rd Phase 4th Year/MBBS 2nd Phase/BDS 2nd Year  2072/03/11
Result of MD Dermatology Final Year & B.Pharmacy 1st Year  2072/03/10
Results of MDRD 3rd Year, BDS 1st Phase 4th Year & BPH 2nd Year  2072/03/7
Retotaling Results of MBBS 2nd Phase, BDS 2nd & 3rd Year & B.Pharmacy 4th Year  2072/02/32
Retotling Result of MBBS 3rd Phase & 3rd Phase 5th Year  2072/02/32
Result of Various MD/MS Programs  2072/02/31
Result of MD Patholoy Final Year, M.Sc. Cl. Microbiology 1st Year & B.Sc.MIT 3rd Year  2072/02/29
Result of BPH 1st Year  2072/02/26
Result Of MD Medical Microbiology, M.Sc. Cl. Microbiology 3rd Year & BNS 1st Year  2072/02/25
Re totaling Result of B.Pharmacy 2nd Year & MBBS 3rd Phase 4th Year  2072/02/25
Result of M.Sc.Cl.Microbiology 2nd Year & B.Sc.Nursing 1st Year  2072/02/23
Result of BDS 1st Year & B. Sc. MLT 1st Year  2072/02/14
Result of MBBS 1st phase 1st year Supplementary exam  2072/02/13
Result of MBBS 3rd Phase 4th year  2072/02/07
Result of MBBS 2nd Year & BN 2nd Year  2072/02/01
Result of B.Sc.MIT 1st & B.Sc. Nursing 2nd Year  2072/01/28
Result of MBBS 3rd Phase 5th year & MBBS 3rd Phase Final Year  2072/01/26
Result of MBBS 2nd Phase 3rd Year  2072/01/25
Result of BDS 3rd, B.Pharmacy 4th Year  2072/01/24
Result of BDS,2nd Year  2072/01/23
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